KDC Trout Contest Results
Held Sunday April 26, 2015

68 entrees

1st Place - $544 - Tom Facciola, 3lb. 8oz. Rainbow Trout

2nd Place - $327 - Bob Hegarty, 2lb. 11oz. Brown Trout

3rd Place - $271 - Eddie Mackin, 2lb. 7oz. Rainbow Trout

The following received $20 Gift Certificate from the Lakes End Marina

4th Place - Jacob Jastrzebski, 2lb. 1oz. Brown Trout

5th Place - Pete Rathjens, 2lb. 0oz. Brown Trout

6th Place - Robert Smith, 1lb. 12oz. Brown Trout

1st Place

Thanks to all that entered and
Congratulations to the winners!