2014 KDC Catfish Derby Results
Held August 9th & 10th

Channel Catfish

1st Place and $570.00 in winnings goes to
Hunter Good
with a 8lb. Channel Catfish

2nd Place and $273.00 in winnings goes to
Mark Hrab
with a 5lb. 14oz. Channel Catfish

3rd Place and $183.00 in winnings goes to
Donald Rolfs
with a 1lb. 13oz. Brown Catfish

The following receive a $20 Gift Certificate to Pavinci's.

4th Place goes to Matt Friel - 1lb. 13oz. Brown Catfish

5th Place goes to Pat Robinson - 1lb. 11oz. Brown Catfish

6th Place goes to Randy Gutwein - 1lb. 9oz. Brown Catfish

A total of 57 entries fished the contest.

Hunter good with 8lb channel catfish ,with brother Logan and his 1lb8oz brown catfish

Congratulations to all the winners,
and thanks go out to everyone involved!