2004 KDC Trout Contest Results
Held Sunday May 16th

71 entrees

First Place: David Smith of Hopatcong, 3lb. 10oz. 21 inch Rainbow Trout, $560.00
1st place

Second Place: Dom Sarinelli of Hopatcong, 1lb. 15oz. 16 3/4 inch Brown Trout, $336.00

Third Place: Frank Schweiger of Landing, 1lb. 11oz. 15 1/2 inch Rainbow Trout,$224.00

The following received Windlass Restaurant $20.00 Gift Certificates

Fourth Place: James Smith of Hopatcong, 1lb. 8oz. 15 3/4 inch Rainbow Trout

Fifth Place: Bill Rathgeb of Oxford, 1lb. 8oz. 15 1/2 inch Rainbow Trout

Sixth Place: James Ryan of Lake Hopatcong, 1lb. 7oz. 15 1/4 inch Rainbow Trout

Thanks to all that entered and
Congratulations to the winners!