The Knee Deep Club 2020
Calendar of Events

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KDC Ice Fishing Contest
January - Canceled

KDC Ice Fishing Contest
February 21, 6am - 4pm

Ice Fishing Contest Results

KDC Ice Fishing Contest
March - Canceled

KDC Trout & Pickerel Contests
Sunday, April 18 - 5am - 4 pm
Trout Contest Entry Form

Pickerel Contest Entry Form

KDC Panfish Challenge
Sunday, May 2 - 5am - 4 pm

KDC Spring Walleye Contest
5am Saturday, May 22 thru Noon Sunday, May 23

Bill Clark Junior Derby and Special Needs Outing

at the Mt. Arlington Pond, 7 Mountainview Ave

KDC Stew Lant Bass Contest
Sunday, June 27 - 5am - 4pm

KDC Summer Hybrid Striped Bass Contest
5am Saturday, July 10 thru Noon Sunday, July 11

Veterans on the Lake
Lee's Park

KDC Catfish Derby
6pm Saturday, August 7 thru Noon Sunday, August 8

KDC Fall Hybrid Striped Bass Contest
5am Saturday, September 18 thru Noon Sunday, September 19

KDC Fall Walleye Contest
5am Saturday, October 2 thru Noon Sunday, October 3
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