KDC Stew Lant Contest

                           Sunday June 23th


                                36 entries


1ST Place Lou Marcucci 3lb 11oz LM Bass $360.00 Rod,Reel

Mt Arlington NJ   

2ND Place Dave Pavoni 3lb 7oz LM Bass $172.00 Rod,Reel

Wantage NJ

3rd Place Robert Bozik 3lb 4oz LM Bass $116.00 Rod,Reel

Wharton NJ


                                      Rod and Reel winners

4th Place Jake Bozik 3lb  2oz LM Bass


5th Place Steve Schilling  2lb 13oz LM Bass


6th Place Patrica Pavoni   2lb 3oz LM Bass

Thank You to Ramsey Outdoors for donating rods and reels.